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WPM is a Federally Registered 100% Indigenous Prime Contractor in the Oil & Gas industry

Bernie has over 39 years of experience in the industry both in the domestic and international scene. He graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1988 with a diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology. In 1997 he co-founded a private oil and gas company and was director and manager for all operations. In this position he was instrumental in the purchase and development of a mature oil field in Northern Alberta. The total field production at time of purchase was less than 90 BOED and within one year it increased 20 fold to greater than 2,000 BOED. This was accomplished through workovers, production optimization, infill vertical and horizontal drilling and pipeline and facilities debottlenecking. In 2005 he founded Western Petroleum Management to help oil & gas companies enhance production from mature fields in western Canada. Since 2005 he has been managing operations and acting in an advisory role for a number of oil and gas companies located in Western Canada. Through WPM Bernie has been instrumental in controlling cost and adding value for producers, including managing assets for a private oil & gas company where production was increased 10 fold on specific properties and operating cost was reduced by over 60%.

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