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WPM is a Federally recognized 100% Indigenous Prime Contractor in the Oil & Gas industry

Marksmen Energy Inc. engaged the services of Western Petroleum Management (WPM) to abandon five wells in the Alder Flats area of Alberta. The work was completed on time and within budget and at a lower cost than the deemed liabilities assigned by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). WPM is very much aware of the impact of AER’s Lease Liability Program (LLR) program on oil and gas companies and they know how their abandonment and reclamation work can help in improving companies LLR ratio.

The management team led by Bernie Cabot and Mark Shumlick have the necessary experience, training and safety programs in place to do the work safely, efficiently and effectively.

Marksmen was involved in the planning of the project from initial discussions and specifications, site evaluation, AFE preparation, selecting sub-contractors, completion of the work, entry of the abandonment data in the AER’s DDS system, as well as the sale of equipment from the leases. It was a team effort every step of the way. WPM has the necessary experience and knowledge to make the right decisions. Additionally, WPM has in-house expertise to perform a number of the tasks on their own.

Mark was the on-site supervisor and he worked extremely hard to keep all the sub-contractors organized and on track. He was very good at providing daily progress reports and involved Marksmen in all of the day to day decisions that came up and worked with us on a collaborative basis to resolve any technical issues that needed discussion. Mark’s leadership and backup support from his management in the office was instrumental in the successful completion of our abandonment program.

WPM also provides assistance in the demobilization and sale of all surplus equipment. They provide a service where they source buyers for our tubing, rods, pump-jacks, tanks, separators and other surplus equipment. WPM works with their many contacts in the surplus equipment business to market our equipment.

The abandonment, reclamation and surplus sales services provided by WPM is a great one stop turnkey service from start to finish. Marksmen is proud to be associated with WPM and we do not hesitate to recommend them to do wellsite abandonments, site reclamation and salvage operations to other companies.

Marksman Energy Recommendation Letter

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