Western Petroleum Management (WPM) has made 700+ applications for closure and reclamation work in Peroid 1 of the Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) for a number of its small and mid-size clients under the NEW Alberta Governments Site Rehabilitation Program.

WPM by the numbers:
  • 100%.  WPM is a Federally Registered 100% owner controlled Indigenous Oil & Gas Prime Contractor - Indigenous Services Canada
  • NEW 700+ SRP applications submitted, currently 40+% of the applications have been approved so far through the SRP program and has received the initial payment for the respective applications.
  • NEW WPM is one of 8 Prime Contractors with the experience to work for the Orphan Well Association (OWA) for well decommissioning.
  • WPM has abandoned 300+ wells, including wells with SCVF, gas migration, base of ground water issues, poor cement bond and loss of casing integrity.
  • NEW & AER APPROVED 1600 meters.  WPM’s 2-stage resin plug recently approved by the AER (2020) to a maximum depth of 1600 meters in sweet vertical gas wells, perfect for the current SRP programs and large scale operator Area-Based Closure (ABC) program.
  • NEW 7 meters.  The height of WPM’s light weight innovative dump bailer that delivers either its 2-stage resin or standard G-Class cement (which decays quickly in down hole environment).
  • 1771 times higher.  When setting in water, the permeability of a small Class G cement sample was 28.1608 md, which was 1771 times higher than the permeability of WPM’s high density resin at 0.0159 md!  See InnoTech’s findings comparing G Class Cement and WPM’s 2-stage resin - Two-Stage Resin Applied as a Permanent Plug in a Well.


Technology Development:

WPM has always innovated in the way it delivers its services and has pushed the industry with its innovations.

  • WPM’s Well Alert
  • WPM’s Tap App
  • WPM’s Rod & Pump Jar Tool
  • NEW WPM's Light Weight Dump Bailer
    • We recently developed and patented an innovative light weight dump bailer that is going to transform the way cement plugs are deployed with the goal of reducing abandonment cost by up to 15-20% on a standard vertical and in the process, decreasing a large portion of a dump bailer abandonment programs CO2 emissions.  You can watch a demonstration video on YouTube -  Light weight dump bailer on YouTube
  • NEW & AER APPROVED WPM’s 2 stage resin plug.



Whatever your requirements, WPM has the capability and experience to fill your needs.

Review Clients Liability Management Ratio (LMR)

  • Supply Financing to abandon wellbores, and reduce liability & increase asset value
  • Propose wellbore & Facilities abandonment Program


Wellbore Abandonments

  • Identify wellbores to be abandoned & prepare abandonment programs & AFE
  • Manage all aspects of onsite wellbore abandonment
  • Full turnkey abandonment available


Facilities Abandonment

  • Decommissioning of all onsite facilities
  • Removal, marketing and sale of used equipment



  • WPM can prepare applications & plan and the execution of the field work