Western Petroleum Management Ltd (WPM), utilizing our financial capability and experience, is readily available to help clients resolve their Liability Management Ratio (LMR), the Liability License Ratio (LLR), wellbore, facilities and pipeline abandonment(s) and reclamation of all surface sites.

Personnel within WPM have abandoned over 200 wells, including wells with SCVF, gas migration, base of ground water issues, poor cement bond and loss of casing integrity. We have managed abandonment programs where we have utilized CHAT logs, noise log, temperature logs and HiFi Engineering Fiber Optic log for very low rate fluid or gas flow.

We recently developed and patented an innovative light weight dump bailer that is taking the abandonment industry by storm. You can watch a demostration video on Youtube at the following link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F6dk3fNi5s

Whatever your requirements, WPM has the capability and experience to fill your needs.

Review Clients Liability Management Ratio (LMR)

  • Review all well files
  • Supply Financing to abandon wellbores, and reduce liability
  • Propose wellbore Abandonment Program
  • Propose Facilities Abandonment
  • Propose Optimization plan to increase asset value


Wellbore Abandonments

  • Review well files and identify wellbores to be abandoned
  • Prepare abandonment programs, AFE
  • Identify and contract competent and competitively priced services.
  • Manage all aspects of onsite wellbore abandonment
  • All regulatory submissions
  • Full turnkey abandonment available on request


Facilities Abandonment

  • Decommissioning of all onsite facilities
  • Removal, marketing and sale of used equipment



  • WPM can prepare regulatory filing applications
  • Plan and the execution of the field work


Equipment Marketing & Sale

  • All wellbore equipment
  • All facility equipment


Technology Development

  •  Light Weight Dump Bailer.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F6dk3fNi5s
  •  WPM & its associated companies are developing innovative wellbore abandonment technology with the goal of reducing abandonment cost by up to 70% on a standard vertical.