Acquisitions & Divestitures

Western Petroleum Management offers property due diligence as a service for clients on any potential oil & gas acquisitions. We have performed due diligence for a number of groups over the years which included small acquisitions (up to $20 million in value) mid size ($100 million plus) producing properties; properties that had high liability, environmental issues, older more mature fields with high water cuts, low uneconomical production and unconsolidated land holdings.

The oil and gas industry in western Canada has some excellent opportunities for companies that have access to capital and the ability to think long term (3 to 5 years), especially with regards to gas production. The natural gas industry is in a state of flux due to the relative low price and projections that demand in the North American gas market may not be strong this coming winter. With low gas prices there is a substantial reduction in the number of gas wells being drilled and completed. Due to this reduced activity, the potential to acquire development gas properties at substantially lower values than in previous years has greatly improved. Along with this reduced activity, the cost to drill, complete and service wells has dropped by 25 to 30%.

In this current environment a company could capitalize on both property purchase(s) and the utilization of services and equipment to increase proven reserves at a much lower cost than was possible during the last few years.


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