Team Success

Our Team is a comprehensive multidisciplinary team of Petroleum Industry professionals.  The majority of our team members have in excess of 25 years of experience in many facets of the oil and gas Industry.  Most have worked together as a group, or with several individuals for over 15 years in both private and public companies and have established a record of success.  The team has been instrumental in finding and developing exploration properties utilizing an integrated approach with the latest geophysical acquisition and interpretation techniques in conjunction with petro-physical studies and detailed regional geological interpretations.  The engineering and operations section has a proven track record in the optimization of mature fields utilizing unique combinations of state-of-the-art technologies, technical expertise, and extensive experience.  Through the implementation of good operational and production practices at the field level, an even higher degree of results have been achieved.

Utilizing our technical expertise from the geological phase through to the production phase, our senior personnel have the proven ability to explore for oil and gas in difficult areas or enhance production from older, more mature fields.  This Interdisciplinary Team approach is a proven system on identifying opportunities: 


Exploration and exploitation programs

  • Carbonate and sedimentary pools
  • Conventional infill programs
  • Horizontal multi-leg infill drilling progams


Developing and optimization of mature fields

  • High water cut fields
  • Low productivity wells
  • Facility optimization and de-bottlenecking
  • Reduction of field operating costs


Detection of bypassed pools and pay zones

  • Analyzing open-hole logs
  • Identifying bypassed pools utilizing current geophysical interpretation and regional geology


Facilities Design and Construction Management


Conventional and unconventional oil and gas, shallow gas and heavy oil


Experience in a variety of geographical terrain

  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Remote locations
  • Limited access fields


Mergers and Acquisitions


Reserve studies, property evaluations, acquisitions and divestitures


Developing comprehensive multidisciplinary strategies for corporate development

  • Financial management
  • Risk management
  • Strategies for exploration, development and optimization